Okay, so I’m awake. I need a shower. Dayle keeps licking my leg. It’s a beautiful sunny day outside, I should go out and enjoy some of it. Maybe after the shower… maybe if Jay wakes up and feels like going somewhere. He was up super-late last night with and asthma attack, which always worries me, so I stayed up until it sounded like he was breathing okay… I just wish I had more than coffee to give him to make the attacks go away. I wonder, if I just made him an appointment and told him that he has to show up, if he would go? *sigh* I’m so tired of being worried about him when there shouldn’t be a reason for me to… if he just had an inhaler… fneu.

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  • duncan

    October 22, 2000 at 12:38 pm

    Tell him to stop being so selfish! He might not care about himself but others do. Does he always think only of himself? Sure seems like it.