From IRC channel #talon on Gamesnet… (me being Zith, Jay being Suraklin, Oki being Thunderwolf and Matte being Grindbastard…)

ThunderWolf: I need to get my blood rising or else I’ll fall asleep
GrindBastard: eat some twinkies
ThunderWolf: lol
GrindBastard: blood sugar boost
GrindBastard: drink a coke or something
GrindBastard: it’ll help
ThunderWolf: I am
ThunderWolf: if I drink too much of it, it makes me konk out fast.
GrindBastard: you are?
GrindBastard: coke?
ThunderWolf: aye
GrindBastard: or twinkies?
GrindBastard: oh
ThunderWolf: coke
Suraklin: Drink twinkies?
ThunderWolf: snorting
ThunderWolf: I mean drinking
GrindBastard: stfu
ThunderWolf: hehehe
Zith: snort twinkies?
Zith: *ouch*
ThunderWolf: Aye
ThunderWolf: powder it up
GrindBastard: dehydrate
ThunderWolf: snort.
GrindBastard: grind it up
GrindBastard: snooooooooort

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  • mithoviel

    October 25, 2000 at 4:48 am

    The first step is admitting I have a problem.

    My name is Matte and I freebase Hostess products. Would anyone like to be my group sponsor?