Went to bed early last night… woke up this morning to Jay making me toaster waffles. They were good, but I was sleepy.

I forgot my gym clothes today. Damn. I wanted to do the gym tonight.

I’ve got a nasty headache this morning, and I even took something for it earlier although it hasn’t helped yet.

I think I isolate myself too much… It’s easier to not have to deal with people, sometimes even when they’re friends. I really do want a night to myself, though… or maybe a day… or anything longer than a couple of hours. I think I need to be alone for a bit and just let myself think… it’s hard when there’s someone else around, since generally when there is someone else around you tend to interact. I’m missing the feeling of non-interaction right now… I’m missing being able to sit and play guitar and not have to stop to talk to someone else every once in a while.

One of the guys who works with me just said, “I’m not irate, I’m just disenchanted.”