It looks like the supervisor wrote him a strong email and left a vacation form on his desk – when he gets back, he’ll have to report the half-day off as a vacation day. She told me what she was doing, too – she feels that it’s not fair to the rest of us who work in this dept. for him to be able to take a half day off, even if it is for his car or something. At any rate, he’s still not back, one of the other guys called in sick, the third one had today scheduled as a vacation day, and the girl who sits behind me quit and today was her last day so she left ten minutes ago… I’m now completely alone in this part of the office. It’s kinda weird. I have to go downstairs at the end of the day and do reception for the last ten minutes – the receptionist has to leave early. I guess everyone gets to leave early but me, and I get to just sit here all by my lonesome, trying to come up with things to do. I guess I’ll lurk on irc and check email until ten to five.