Sherry just called, she wants to know if I want to walk around the beach with her. I told her that I’m waiting on a call about going to the expo and/or a movie with people, but to drop by when she’s here (she was coming down here anyway.)

I’m considering calling lori, I don’t think it’s too early anymore… fneu. Maybe if she doesn’t feel like doing the Expo, she and Roger will want to come to the movie with the rest of us. Ack. I feel so disorganized.

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  • Anonymous

    October 29, 2000 at 12:08 pm


    yeah, that whole unorganized thing isn’t my scene at all. actually, it drives me insane. actually, it makes me want to kill people. I guess this is my hardcore virgo-ness shining through. gotta love that finicky spirit.

    and yet, with all my planning and meticulous detailing, I STILL managed to fall down my stairs last night. bad. major ‘ow’ happening…. I am the queen dork 😉