From a note from my stepmoter…

“You missed a homemade cannenoli and ceasar salad dinner… In honour of your dad’s birthday”

Is she completely oblivious? Does she not realize that I have neither seen nor spoken to that man she refers to as my dad in over three years? Did she not hear me say that I never want to have anything to do with him again, and that he will never have any part in my life or my children’s lives? I really should get her that memo… I guess the direct conversation just didn’t sink in.

* note to self: Call the government offices. Find out how much it is to get name changed.

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  • magicwoman

    October 3, 2000 at 7:43 am

    Direct or otherwise . . .

    When I was separated from my family – talking direct didn’t work, writing it down didn’t help. They all got amnesia about events that happened. Maybe they really didn’t remember or maybe they did. The fact was they wouldn’t acknowledge that I had a legitimate reason for not being in touch with them. And these events weren’t random or recent – these events were lifelong – so I could only deduce that they wouldn’t face up to real life and felt better making me the cooky, offkilter, villan person in their lives. You know, the odd one. . . Things have changed now – however, no remembrance of events past though, but I decided to drop it and just stay in minimal contact. Hope things work out for you. . .