I’m home. Jay & I had dinner. he’s looking at Garbage Pail Kids cards from the 80’s… my brother loved those things. Anyhow, he’s found to “Jenny” cards – Jenny Genius (she’s playing on a Commodore 64) and Jenny Jelly… funny thing is, both kinda work, since I spend most of my time on a computer, and my nickname is Jelly (from jlee…)


I’m so incredibly blah right now. that’s the message on the Cam even… Today is BLAH. And it is.

There’s a rather heated discussion going on over at I have a Secret in the forums – it got moved to the Outhouse before it started getting loud… You know it had to get loud, because people have very very strong opinions about Abortion and pro-life vs. pro-choice. I’m staying out of it, as I do most heated discussions. I have this feeling that people will believe what they believe, and no one can convince anyone else of anything ever, and it’s not going to help any to argue about it. Although good arguments are really interesting to watch, I just break apart to pieces if I get involved in anything like that. Anyhow… any comments about RU-486 being legalized in the US? feel free to share them over in the forums at I have a secret in The Outhouse Forum…

I don’t make a very good friend, I don’t think… I’m not ‘there for someone’ if they need them. I’m not someone that people feel like confiding in anymore. I think I used to be once. Now I’m just there superficially. I’m not emotionally available anymore. I wonder what changed?