There were too many people on the streetcar this morning wearing heavy perfume or cologne. I’m not allergic like Cyn, but it was really bothering me a whole lot. I could hardly breathe. Twas very annoying.

At lunch today, Lori & I went out to eat at the park. There won’t be many days left that we’ll be able to do that anymore. While we were there, a woman was sitting at a picnic table with her dog, who suddenly decided to take off after a squirrel he saw across the park. He was dead serious about catching that squirrel, too. The squirrel saw him coming and started running for his life… the dog was really quick… the woman was running behind the dog yelling “Barkley, NO!” and such. We watched the whole thing as the dog got closer and closer to squirrel… I started cheering for the squirrel, yelling “Go Squirrel!!” The dog was less than a foot away from the squirrel, the squirrel was about six feet away from his tree (he skipped by the first tree he could’ve gone up, I don’t quite know why,) and the dog had it’s jaw open ready to grab that poor little fluff-tailed rat. The poor woman chasing him kept yelling and chasing… the squirrel made a last-ditch effort to get to the tree, leaping from the ground just as the dog lunged for him…. Foiled in his attempt to catch the squirrel, he stood at the base of the tree barking up at the squirrel (who was likely collapsing in a branch exhausted, it was a long run.) The woman caught her dog and took him back over to the picnic table.

I couldn’t help but laugh, once the whole thing was over… it was highly entertaining.

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  • mithoviel

    October 5, 2000 at 10:39 pm

    I was on the edge of my seat while I was reading that wondering if the squirrel would make it… seriously, I was. Oi loik sqoirells.