Cam is on. I got home from work and Jay had dinner all ready for me… mmm, twas nice. 🙂 He cleaned up the kitchen too, which rocks. I’d dance around happily, but I’m still in way too much pain to even try.

My computer at home didn’t want to connect to the network the first fifteen times I booted it up. (literally. I was rebooting for 20 minutes.) When it finally connected, I got all my server settings and IP from the @home site and manually configured it to connect to the net properly. Hopefully that will make it work properly. I don’t know why the automatic configuration stopped working…

Jay’s playing Baldur’s Gate II again. He actually hasn’t finished the entire game yet. I’m impressed.

I’m bored, and my leg hurts. I should try and get some work done for Mental Fragments, since I’ve got two more pieces to put up for it.