Maybe I’ll do a CanCon show tonight. All Canadian Content… especially now that someone’s figured out how I can play cd’s over shoutcast. Unless, of course, we end up going to visit Jay’s dad for the weekend.

I’m training new girls to do reception relief again. All that means is that I sit at reception with the new girl, who gets to answer phones. If she needs help, I’ll help her, and if she completely loses her composure or anything, I’ll take over… The new people are both doing pretty well, actually, considering how flustered I was when I started doing this. I’m a lot more comfortable with it now, but I still wouldn’t want to be doing it full time or anything. Anyhow, otherwise it’s pretty boring. I just sit and watch. Oooh. exciting.

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  • daruba

    October 6, 2000 at 12:48 pm

    Hahaha, that’s so funny that yer training ppl on reception now, why it was only a few months ago that you FEARED doing it. How the wheels of life turn, eh? Good on ya! (I think the aussie’s are starting to rub off on me)