Stupid insecure voices in my head

Strange. I’ve been trying to get in touch with Jay all evening, but he hasnt’ been around. I don’t even know if he went home from work or decided to go out. Or maybe he went home from work and went to sleep. Maybe he’s sleeping, which is why he’s not answering. Maybe he’s out.

And then the stupid voice in me says it, even though it totally knows better and there’s no real, reliable, valid reason for me to think it, and I’m just being silly… but it ignores all that logic and reason and tells me over and over that he’s mad at me, he’s upset with me, he’s disappointed in me, he’s going to leave while I’m gone. I know he’s not. I know that there isn’t a reason for him to be. I know better.

That doesn’t stop the feeling, though. I’ll just keep telling myself over and over again that it’s okay.

I put my icq number on this computer. If you’re on my list, send me a message so I can re-add you please?

Fneu Cam is on.