I slept in today… I guess that’s good, since I doubt I’ll be getting all that much sleep tonight anyhow. My flight leaves Vancouver at 11:55pm and arrives in Toronto four hours later at 7:00am in Toronto (keep in mind the timezone difference of 3 hours…)

So today I have to clean the room I’ve been staying in (I’m such a slob) and pack all of my stuff up. I should make a list so I don’t forget anything…

  • Delete stuff mom will never use off her computer
  • email any camsnaps I saved to myself at home
  • find all of my cd’s lying around her desk
  • find all my camera stuff & pack it up
  • do my laundry
  • pack my clothes
  • find something to pack my xmas stuff in
  • wrap jay’s gifts
  • eat. Food is good. I like food.

    Am I forgetting something? probably. Oh well. I’ll wander aimlessly until I figure it out.