I stayed home again today. I felt awful when I woke up, so I hauled myself out of bed to call work, then lay on the couch for a while. News was on. I got to see Jen from Talk TV on CTV news, talking about breastfeeding children til they’re 4 or 5, and talking about fat discrimination, and talking about the Movie they’re making for the Paul Bernardo story which is apparently going to star Jason Priestly as Paul Bernardo. That last one is disturbing. It seems like a cruel thing to do to the families of the girls who were murdered. I won’t be seeing that movie.

I’m coughing and sniffling and wheezing a lot. Stupid cold. Oh, and I’ve still got that headache.

It snowstormed last night. I may take pictures out the front window, or maybe out the back window… this is the first snow we’ve had all winter, that I’ve been here for. I’m quite sure that if I had to stand outside in this, waiting for a streetcar, my throat would murder me. I think I’ll just lie on the couch wrapped up in my fuzzy warm blue blanket and feel sorry for myself.

I’ve made Jay sick, too. He’s gone to work, he’s not as sick as I am, but that means he’s not that good at taking care of me when he gets home. *sigh* This is one of those times that I wish mom was here to take care of me. I’m feeling pathetic and grumpy.

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  • bob

    December 12, 2000 at 2:16 pm


    hope you get better, drink fluids, or something 😉