fneu. We went for food. It was good, but the walk home made my headache worse and I felt woozy again. I’m fine once I sit down for a little while. I’m going to add a dream by Bria to Mental Fragments… has anyone else had any weird dreams they want to have posted on my site? I’m always looking for new stuff…. dreams and nightmares both. And of course anything else that fits into any of the categories up there…

I think I’ll go do something that doesn’t involve sitting in front of the computer. There’s no one around talking anyhow, and I have to find low-impact things I can do that aren’t related to this thing. I love my computer, but it’s frustrating me right now, much like everything else does after a while.

I still feel no inspiration. The last time I felt inspired was last July. Somehow that hurts… it feels empty. Hollow.

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