Query: How do I feel fulfilled in my work?

1- Heart of the issue: Ace of Staves
I feel an overwhelming, driving need to create something, to be inspired.

2 – That which affects the issue in a positive or negative way: The Sun
I see the creativity and inspiration within my reach, but I’m afraid to reach out for it. I can’t seem to apply my inspiration to anything satisfying.

3 – The foundation of the issue: Six of Pentacles
What I want, more than anything, what drives me to create, is to share myself in a way that helps others somehow.

4 – What lies behind me (immediate past): Seven of Swords
I have had to take time for myself, to keep from losing my grip, to defend myself from burning out, and to look at my situation at work and figure it out better.

5 – What is on my mind: Ten of Staves
I’ve been thinking about dedicating myself to regaining my creativity, nurturing it and letting it out again. I’m also terrified of succeeding at anything.

6 – What lies ahead: Judgement (reversed)
I can’t decide on any specific action.

7 – Me, as others see me: Queen of Pentacles
I didn’t quite get this one. The card represents fertility, parenthood, creating prosperity and harmony, beauty, wealth, and the home. I’ve had people ask me since I passed out if I’m pregnant. Maybe people see me as someone who is working at creating all of these things.

8 – Me, as I see myself: Eight of Staves
I see myself as finally starting to get the message through to myself. I am communicating to myself what I need or want, or at least I’m starting to.

9 – Hopes and/or Fears: Nine of Pentacles (reversed)
I want to be creative and successful, but I am terrified of success. I fear that I honestly don’t deserve it.

10 – Overall Outcome: Ace of Cups
I will figure out what I want, and go for it, even if I don’t know what that is yet. I will find my inspiration. I will feel fulfilled in my work.