I got a card from my stepmother, brother, and sister today. There was a little note inside it written by my stepmother… She asked me if I’m still with Ray. I paused, and read it again to make sure it said what I thought it did…. and indeed it did. It’s not like I’ve been seeing Jay for a year and a half now. It’s not like she’s asked me five times or more what his name is. It’s not like it’s even a difficult name to remember, either… tenth letter of the alphabet, should be simple. Oh well. It doesn’t really matter to me if she thinks his name is Ray. It’s not like she’ll be spending a lot of time in his company, anyhow.

It’s definitely acoustic music night. People are requesting songs I don’t have, though. I don’t know what to do about that. Not really much I can do. I’m going to play some Blue Rodeo for BleuLlama in a bit, when he’s back around. Otherwise, I want to pretty much stick with the mood I’m in, so to hell with requests I have no hope of filling.