Well, the doctor hadn’t yet gotten test results back from the heart echo (they should have been sent to her within a week of the test happening, but they weren’t.) She asked me a few more questions, then decided to send me to a specialist. I forgot to ask what kind of specialist, but hey. That won’t be for a few weeks anyhow, it usually takes a little while for something like that to be set up. At least it’s covered by OHIP, since my doctor is referring me. Health care, how do I love thee…

Looking around the apartment it occurs to me that it’s probably a good thing adam won’t be here until tomorrow. I really need to clean up. And Dayle has emphatically told me that we need more cat food. I really ought to remedy that situation…

Greetings Jenny —
Here is your horoscope for Friday, February 9:
Reveal yourself to the sympathetic rather than to the merely curious.
You may not want to be alone, but you have a choice about the quality
of your company. Laughter feels healthy once you’re ready for it.