Today was a pretty blank sort of day. I got up early, felt ill, and went back to sleep for a while. The rest of the day I just kind of lounged around, trying to not feel awful. Belli brought me some chicken noodle soup and I felt a bit better, then we had dinner a bit later, and I went out with Belli to the drug store for medication. (mmm… Buckley’s…)

This evening, an old friend from High School emailed me to say hello. I hadn’t heard from him in a while, even though I knew he lived somewhere in Toronto. He mentioned in the email that he had called my old phone number a couple of weeks back, but hadn’t heard back from me, which only makes sense since I’m not at that number anymore. I emailed him back with my new number, and he called about a minute later, bored at work. We’re going to get together for coffee sometime in the next week or so, which should be good. I think I still have one of his books in my bookshelf… I should return it. He has probably forgotten that I have it, by now.

It’s strange when people from my past just show up from time to time. I lose touch with everyone at some point, and some of them resurface, showing up again when I least expect them to. Some of them may never show up again. Some of them just keep reappearing every couple of years.

I miss everyone from SecretCon now. Tomorrow I’m taking my five rolls of film from the weekend to be developed.

For some pictures of the SecretCon show, go here. I’m the one with the dynamic pants.

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  • magicwoman

    April 25, 2001 at 8:55 am

    Great pictures!

    Thanks for sharing them. You look very happy and content up on the stage. . . maybe that is your calling.