I can’t sleep. I’ve been lying awake in bed for hours. It is now 4:15 am, and livejournal is completely gone. I’ll likely go try to sleep again and post this in the morning when I wake up.

For kicks, I thought I would check the bank account. I was told that I could have whatever was left in there. Last time I checked it was about 35$ or so. Seventeen dollars of bank charges this morning, and it’s down to $19.56. Isn’t that special. I love the bank. They’ve nearly taken more money out of that account than I have. In fact, if I go to my own bank’s ATM, I can’t even take any of that money out, because it only gives 20$ bills. If I go to another bank’s ATM, then I get charged an extra dollar or something for daring to use someone other than my own bank. It’s not even worth it. I’ll just assume that money doesn’t exist, since for all intents and purposes, it doesn’t.

Would anything else like to piss me off this morning? Bring it on.