cryptic messages…

There was voicemail on my phone this morning when I woke up. I don’t know what time he phoned, but my stepdad, who hasn’t called me in over a year and a half now, phoned me and left this rather cryptic message:

Hi Jennifer [he never called me jennifer when I was a kid unless he was mad at me], this is dad in Iroquois. If you can’t afford to call me, please get in touch with me any way you can, it’s extremely important, we have some business to settle.

And then he forgot to leave his number.

My first instinctive reaction is He’s going to sell my piano or throw it out or he just really wants to get rid of it so he’s going to give me an ultimatum to come get it… I think there have been too many ultimatums in my life, now that I’ve come to expect them first. At any rate, doesn’t sound all that positive, not when he uses ‘Jennifer’ and talks about business to settle when I haven’t heard from him in a year and a half.

I wonder if we could get that piano down the front stairs into the new place?

Of course, it may have nothing at all to do with my piano. I just can’t think of what other ‘business’ we might have.

I slept poorly, waking up every half hour or so. I’m fighting to not fall asleep at my desk.