• daruba

    August 1, 2001 at 3:01 pm

    i hear JB and them are going.

    i can’t i got to work late..

  • scottobear

    August 1, 2001 at 3:27 pm

    yes please!

    lucky duck! have a good time!

  • cyn

    August 1, 2001 at 3:36 pm

    i’ll be there! and johnboze and boo! 🙂

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      August 1, 2001 at 8:45 pm

      Was a traumatic sort of evening, and now I’m completely wiped out. And yet again, for the fifth month straight or so, I miss bluegrass night.

      I think I’m going to go curl up in a corner and vanish for a while.

      • Anonymous

        August 2, 2001 at 5:43 am

        This’ll help…

        It’s JB from “home” (not other JB).

        Curling up in a corner reminded me of this past couple of months as I was looking for “THE” apartment to live in (which I found, btw). This lady was taking me through a building (she worked for Minto and it was one of theirs) and we were talking about the paintjob and then about my brother’s new dog. She said her puppy used to have a habit where she’d go into the corner of a room and lick the paint right down to the gyp-rock. It made me chuckle.

        There. So, when you’re in the corner, no paint-licking. In fact, you can use my corner, cause it’s brick. Ya brick-licker, you.

        • Jenny Lee Silver

          August 2, 2001 at 6:25 am

          Re: This’ll help…

          No paint-licking… got it.

          Brick has this interesting chalky sort of taste….. 😉