Well, how about a recap of the day, then?

Woke up. Showered. Ate. Took the subway up to Yorkdale mall to return some tickets for Tuesday’s cancelled concert.

At Yorkdale, was told that we had to go to where the tickets were originally purchased – the other end of the city, at Tower Records. So onto the subway we go.

South, south, south into the city, until we reach Tower records. There, we wait in line, only to be told, “Oh, we can only refund to Credit card today, we’re having technical difficulties.” What, no Debit card? No cash?? What kind of technical difficulties prevent you from refunding CASH?? “Nope, can’t refund cash or debit. You’ll have to go to Ticketmaster head office at the Skydome. They can do it there.”

Off we traipse to skydome. It’s hot, sweaty, the air is heavy and thick with moisture. There was a sheen of sweat all over me, I felt pretty slimy, and not in a good way.

Twenty or so minutes later, we reach skydome, where we have to walk all the way around to the south side at Gate 7. There, the woman looks at the tickets and says, “you’re supposed to take them to the place you bought them from.” Yes, we know that, but they’re having technical difficulties and can’t refund cash. “Oh. Okay then,” and she refunds the cash.

Then we get food. And it is good.

Hopping back onto the subway, we decide to go to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum.) It’s about 5pm, and we figure it should still be open til at least 8pm. We get there, wander inside, and read the hours… closed at 6pm. Damn.

Back onto the subway we go, all the way back full circle to Yorkdale mall. We intend to see a movie. Rat Race looks funny. We get tickets and wander around the Indigo bookstore a while. Finally we go in to see the film, and watch those advertisements and trivia questions for about 25 minutes.

Just when the movie is about to start, about a minute before it’s due to start actually, the lights all come up, and we hear bells ringing. A fire alarm. We sit around waiting for someone to tell us whether we have to leave… Finally a theatre employee walks in and says that there’s an incident, and we have to go outside.

Outside we go, noting by the moisture on the ground that it has rained, but the air quality is still stuffy, heavy, and thick. We wait, listening to sirens of fire trucks arriving, and the ongoing ringing of the alarm. When the alarm finally stops, we go back into the mall, only to find that the movie has now been cancelled, and they don’t know exactly when they’ll be open again. Apparently a fire alarm shuts down the entire theatre. Go figure.

Back to the subway we go. At this point, I have used nearly all of the last of my tickets for transit – five in total. Nothing has worked properly for the entire day. I decide to just be amused by it all.

Then I come home and learn that late last night, a few short blocks from my house, three innocent bystanders were shot in what might have been a gang-related shooting. I don’t intend to let it worry me… it happened when I lived in the Beaches, it happened when I lived at Yonge & Eglinton, it happened when I lived at Queen & Roncesvalles. It happens.

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  • soulsearching

    August 24, 2001 at 1:23 am

    what a day!!

    glad that you are strong enough to survive all these without shooting anyone down (joking)

    Have a nice day tommorrow.