Sometimes, something that makes me really happy also makes me cry. Like those mormon commercials. Well, not exactly that they make me happy… they just make me all sentimental. Kinda like reading those chicken soupy things, feel-good stories. I’ll cry because they’re happy.

My therp used to notice when my eyes would get all teary. I would never quite cry, but my eyes would go all sparkley glistening-like. Sometimes it was because I was upset. Sometimes because I was happy, or remembering something happy. I probably only actually cried at therp a couple of times in the years I was there… mostly, my eyes would just get all sparkley, and that would be it. But she always knew. and after a while, she always called me on it, “Why are you crying, Miss Faller?” And I rarely knew the answer until she asked and I had to think about it.

It’s nicer when it’s because I’m happy. It makes me feel good. Kinda like a girlie-girl watching a sappy movie, in some ways… but hey, I’m a girl. I can get away with it.


  • mlif

    September 7, 2001 at 2:58 pm

    I’m not a girl. But I do the same thing. That one cristmas commercial with E.T. and Harvey the dog gets me everytime…