So… which are you?

I have read so much in the past two weeks. I quit watching TV last Thursday or so, and got all of my information from the net from that point on. My brain is full, and yet I read more and more and more… I feel like it should be harder to keep straight in my mind, but I don’t think I’m having too much trouble with that. Strange, for me… learning is usually a lot more difficult than this.

I did watch the Telethon, though. Sheryl Crow was great, as was Neil Young (doing Imagine, even!) I give it a week before they’ve pressed the recording and are selling it in stores, donating proceeds as well. There were some good performances… would probably be worth owning just for that, without the other part.

Autumn starts today. My favourite season. I can’t explain why, nor will I try to, as I’m sure others have done so better than I could. I hope for the opportunity to take some good pictures this year… somewhere with more variety than the Bluffs. I’ve done the Bluffs. I want to go back to the real country, and walk for hours through the trees, immerse myself in the scents and sounds and feelings that fall evokes in me.

To me, fall is transition, change, movement. An ongoing theme in my life, perhaps. For now, at least.