While wandering around with suraklin and jeniviolet today, I got to see strangegrrl, cyn, peekaboo, and templier. It has been a rather long while. Too bad I was too out of it to be all that conversational… That, and I don’t actually have anything to say. lately.

The boys all went out for a beer. I’m only mildly jealous, since I don’t like beer, and I’m casting… I think it stems from the fact that I can’t afford a beer. Sad and pathetic little me. Hopefully they’ll come back sometime in the next couple of hours, so I don’t start feeling all lonesome.

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  • humberguy2000

    September 23, 2001 at 5:02 pm

    That happens to me a lot sometimes…..sometimes I find I don’t really have anything good to talk about…even amoung people I know well..