My stepmother phoned me. She’s coming to visit this weekend. My sister Laurie might be with her. *sigh* Token visit time. Laurie I don’t mind seeing, but my stepmother stresses me out, always trying to convince me to come back to the family, and that they all miss me, especially my father. And then she subtly puts on the guilt. Such an effective weapon, guilt.

At any rate. she’ll be in town, and she wants to see me. At least I can look forward to some birthday cookies or something. It’s nothing I can’t deal with anyhow.

I was thinking about taking my camera to work tomorrow to take pictures of the fountains, except that after lunch today they turned the fountains off. Now I’m worried that they’re not going to be on at all tomorrow, and I’ll have my camera for nothing. Well, never for nothing… never know when I’ll be able to take a picture. But hey.