Up too late last night

I let myself sleep until 8 this morning. I leave at 8:10 for work. Needless to say, I caused myself to be a bit rushed and to skip finding food, so I’m now dreadfully hungry.

I was up too late last night. It happens. Somehow, people kept seeking me out to talk to when they really needed someone to listen. I’m a good listener. I may not know what to say all the time, or half the time even, but I can definitely listen when someone needs it. And I think yesterday was a tough day for a few people I know.

And so into therp mode I went. And stayed up far later than I probably should have, but don’t really feel bad about it. I’d rather know that people feel a bit better having been able to talk to someone, I guess… even if I can’t make it better. I know I can’t. That doesn’t mean I can cut people off from me when they’re hurting, and things in their lives aren’t going well.

I’m rambling too much. One of the other temps here is making a Tim Horton’s run, so she’ll be bringing me back a cup of tea. I’ve also got Children of the Mind with me today, so that should occupy me at least part of the day. However, I forgot my advil. Evil crampageness. Bleh.