Work things

Well, it looks like I won’t have to work on my Birthday after all. My placement’s been cut short by a week, which means it ends today. I found this out five minutes ago. Well, it’s not too big a deal, really. Just means I won’t bother buying myself a metropass for now.

Not quite sure how to follow up on the other job lead I had… it sounded pretty dependent on the guy making a lot of good contacts and stuff at the Film Festival, except that most of the events (besides filmings) were cancelled this year due to people’s unwillingness to be all that celebratory. I was supposed to get a call from them this week, but haven’t. I’m not sure how to follow up, because the position may not even come into being at this point.

I’m sick of temp work.

It’s done some good things for me… left me free to go to Temagami three times this summer, including the canoe trip, and given me a good chance to figure out things that I have no interest in doing (oh wait, I can say that for every job I’ve ever had…) but there’s only so much of this I think I can handle, and I’m at my upper limit now. It’s been nine months since I left my last real job. I’d like to just get on with it, now.