Gave up hoping for a call, and called Adam up north. Twas pretty much as I figured, he got there and didn’t think of giving me a call, and he’s already gone out with friends and won’t be back until I’m long asleep. Generally, that sort of stuff doesn’t occur to him anyhow, so I’m not upset. I’m just glad to know they got there fine.

I’m still feeling entirely unwell. Maybe I caught some sort of stomach bug or something. Maybe there was something wrong with the chicken at Lick’s last night, since that’s when I started feeling unwell… The Jeff guy behind the counter had said they were cooking it a bit longer because they’d been having trouble getting the chicken cooked all the way through or something. I suppose that should’ve set off warning bells in my head or something.

Anyhow, I skipped dinner tonight either way. I just don’t feel up to eating. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel better.