I tossed together a quick gallery of better pictures I’ve taken. Better than what, I don’t know… a boot to the head, maybe? There’s few others that need to go on the page, but they require re-scanning, and we’ve established already that my scanner is f00ked.

At any rate, here’s the Gallery thing. I really wish some of the new rolls were developed, I know there’s some stuff on there that I’m going to want to add to that. I think I’ll have to borrow a scanner once I get those 12 rolls developed.

I sent out a message to the new FneuList, too. I hate yahoo. I really despise them. I can’t even remember who used to be on the fneulist.


  • mtbandit

    August 24, 2002 at 9:56 am

    I was! mtbandit (at) attbi (dot) com