Hospital dream (already posted in dreams)

I dreamed I had three appointements at the hospital for various tests. The first one was at 11am, the 2nd and 3rd at 2pm and 3pm.

The first two appointments were with a man. I can’t really remember what he looked like. I do remember that he didn’t really seem to actually do any tests or anything. The time for the first two appointments just flew by, and I had to go to another floor for the third test.

I met up with the nurse who was going to be doing the third appointment. I asked her if someone I knew was working this floor, and she said, “Oh, yes, she’s in the maternity ward.” She led me to the nursery, where there were a couple of nurses and some new mothers caring for their newborns. The person I was looking for wasn’t there, though. We spent a bit of time with the babies before moving on to my next appointment.

The nurse with me was blonde and pretty, and I felt completely at ease with her. She had a lovely smile and I felt like she was a friend.

In the exam room she took me to, I had to lie back on a table. She felt around my ankle for my pulse to check it, then pulled out a needle. I hate needles. They make me squirm inside. I watched as she put the needle into my ankle – it hurt, I could feel it, but she smiled at me and I looked up at her and said, “well, it’s not so bad if I don’t watch.”

There was a mirror to the left of the table, and I kept watching her take blood from my ankle. It stung, but it didn’t leave me feeling uncomfortable like needles always do normally. I still felt completely comfortable with her there, so the needle wasn’t a big deal anymore.

I’d kind of like it if my dreams would stop including stuff with babies for a little while. It’s freaking me out. I’m not quite up to that challenge yet.