Someone just told me that I look like this girl from that tv show Felicity. (not felicity… some other girl.)

My mother tells me to use warm olive oil on my earache. I don’t have any olive oil, I think I’ll pull out the hot water bottle again and use that until I get olive oil. Mothers know everything about making you better, you know. That’s what they’re for.

Otherwise… well, what an odd evening. I went on an IRC rampage, well into the land of Undernet even, and back to #toronto. Craziness. There were many people I knew from long ago there. I learned that other people I knew from long ago had a kidlet. Ended up talking to someone from long ago that I never actually really met, but once got a tape from. It was all very very odd. Neat, though, I can’t complain. And I got a few songs from the Two Towers in mp3 from watership, so all is good in my world.

And now I go to bed with my hot water bottle.