The day has been uneventful so far. However, one Xoobee is dropping by this afternoon for tea, which will be nice, and then later this evening is a gathering of old friends for a birthday. I’m quite looking forward to it.

I watched a lecture by Lewis Lapham on TVOntario today. He’s the editor of Harper’s Magazine, which I became quite attached to when I was seeing my therapist years ago – she always had Harper’s in the waiting room, and I always read them while waiting for my appointment. I intend to someday subscribe to that magazine. I aspire to have the clarity of thought to someday write something for it. At any rate, he had some really good observations about the nature of media and the way it’s been treating the ‘war on terrorism.’ I enjoyed it. It’s too bad it was the sort of thing they show on TVOntario… not because TVO is bad, but because people just don’t tend to watch it as much as they do non-public television. Plus, it was a lecture… so it wasn’t all that sensationalized, and there was a lot of just watching one man at a podium talking about the subject. It made me want to go to university and study something relevant. It made me want to be smart.

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  • daruba

    December 1, 2002 at 10:54 am

    i saw him do a lecture series for U of T a few years ago

    he’s very bright and sightful and seriously intensely intellectual.

    my harper’s subscription lapsed. i was a verocious reader for like years, harper’s always on the table…