I haven’t heard from Adam all day… he said he’d call in the morning. Not that I’m upset, as there are perfectly reasonable explanations for why he may not have been able to.

Hey, maybe he’s on a train on the way up here or something!

Well… I can wish.

Dayle came into the computer room with me. He and Scrunt glared at each other, but Dayle was too busy getting uberpettings from me to do anything. He has since wandered out into the kitchen area, probably looking for the highest point in the room to survey from. Him and Macbeth are going to have some arguments about that, I think…

Sera has taken residence in the little wicker shelf unit on the bathroom counter. It’s perfectly Sera-sized, she blends right in, and I think she feels safe there. Nothing can sneak up on her, dogs can’t reach her, and it’s only open at the front. She mews at me every time I walk by. They’re both being very affectionate. It’s sweet.

I think maybe it’s about time for me to take the car into town and find some milk. Rumour has it the convenience store might be open.

I’m going to now close my eyes and visualize Adam’s friend Bryant showing up at the door with his PS2 and Dynasty Warriors 3 so as to provide me with entertainment. Maybe I can will this into reality.