Tonight is one of those crisp, clear, absolutely freezing sort of nights. I’m sincerely lusting after proper winter boots now. If I go outside, even to drive over to the coffee place or the Husky, my feet freeze immediately and feel like they’ll never warm up.

You can tell it’s going to be a cold night because of how clear the stars are. It’s really beautiful, though. If I get really bored later and I’m still wide awake, I might drive up the highway til there’s no light pollution (there’s a couple of bright signs near the house,) and look at the sky for a while.

There’s so completely nothing to ramble about. I’m bored stiff. The book I’m reading is quite boring. Television is also boring. All the animals are sleeping, so even they aren’t entertaining me now. I’ll bet I look really bored Oncam. Mostly because I am really bored. [/whine]

If I’m lucky, we’ll get a dusting of snow tonight, enough to make it look really fresh. Then I’ll take my camera and go someplace to take photos during the day tomorrow. If I can find some boots to borrow, anyhow.