My computer’s not doing so well. I’m leaving it alone for a while to see what happens. Tonight when it didn’t boot, (Black screen of death this time) I tried rebooting it and it went directly into CMOS. Quite obviously a motherboard problem. I may have to see if I can find my old motherboard (it’s packed somewhere with most of the rest of my belongings) and put that back in. I’m getting really tired of taking my computer apart and piecing it back together… But whatever needs to be done, I guess. Back to choppy Neverwinterland. Assuming I can find the motherboard, and assuming it still works fine.

My mom sent me Rockports – two pair of Rockport running shoes. They don’t fit her properly, and they’re slightly used, but they fit me perfectly and I love them very much.

No change in Ketzel. I’ll go by and see her tomorrow. She’s jaundiced… her mouth and the inside of her ears are all yellow. I’m just hoping she’s not uncomfortable or anything. She was sleeping when I saw her last, but then, she’s been sleeping when I’ve seen her for the last month and a half.

I suddenly want to see the pictures I took on the skidoo trip.