I work at Smoothwater Ecolodge. (I imagine trundler could appreciate the place…) It’s a lovely place. They do artist retreats, spas, tripping and outfitting, and many other things. If I had lots of money, I’d just live there for the summer. However, I don’t have lots of money, so I’ll just work there instead.

I’ll bet it would be pretty expensive to live at an eco-lodge for a summer.

belli, when you come up to visit (I know you will), I think we should get a room and stay there. Seriously. If just you, or you and Harry come up, we (yes, me too) really should stay there. The whole place is lovely.

The weekend was quite lovely. The sky danced silver under the stars, the lake wassmooth as glass on more than one night, and I saw the most beautiful sunrise (which I managed to wake up enough to take photos of, impressively!) Adam and I borrowed the car from Adam’s mom one day because she had her art group at the cottage, and we went off on a crazy adventure down a random gravel road. We found a few beautiful places, and I took pictures of Morla, who was sleeping. Tested my mettle as a photographer vs. blackflies, and learned that I can ignore blackflies. This is a good thing. The blackflies were only bad on the mainland though… give them another few weeks or something and they’ll die down again.

On a walk over to the campsite on the island with the dogs, something truly evil bit me. It was not a blackfly. I don’t know what it was, but I haven’t seen my arm swell up that nastily since I was a kid. It was quite painful for a few days, but now it doesn’t hurt anymore – it’s just a hard lump with a gouge. Crazy thing was, the thing actually took a chunk out of me and I was bleeding. It itched like hell, but I didn’t scratch it. Oh such willpower I exhibited. At least I killed the thing… couldn’t tell what it was after I had done so.

I have another roll of film to be developed now. That makes me five rolls behind in updating my website, which is sad. Now that I have an incredible scanner, I can’t even show anyone my pictures.

By the way, m00se are very strange creatures. I was driving behind one on the access road, and it just kept jogging along the road in front of me. Eventually I just stopped the car… I guess that’s when he decided we weren’t going to race anymore, so he took off into the bush. Crazy thing. Just don’t piss them off. They’re bigger than most cars.

I came to a few realizations over the past few days. Things about why I take pictures. Things about people. Things about me. Something about watching the Northern Lights helps me think clearer or something. Maybe I’ll share them at some point. There are still some things that need sorting out in my head, and some things that I don’t want to share.

Now I must concentrate on not scratching at the weird bites that aren’t from blackflies on my back. Blackfly bites don’t bother me. It’s the other weird bug bites that no one else gets bitten by that seem to drive me nuts.


  • mishamish

    May 28, 2003 at 10:06 pm

    W00T! Not just a job, but a bloody COOL job at that! Rock ON, Wonder-Girl! Write about some of those revelations when you get the time?

  • laquira

    May 29, 2003 at 7:40 am

    Can I come?
    I so need to GET AWAY from all this..