There are crazy bird-noises coming from outside the window. I’m thinking about going to investigate. I’m completely out of film, or I’d bring my camera. Not sure what kind of birds are lurking out there, but I’ll bet at least some of them are crazy-looking…

The baby groundhogs are pretty big now, almost as big as their mom. They make strange noises if you get too close to them.

The morning glories are doing really well, they’re taking to being planted outside finally. I’ll plant the rest of them today, and maybe soon I’ll have morning glories to look at. I can’t wait. The lilies we planted that we didn’t think were going to come up actually sprouted this week, too, which is very cool. We were worried that we would have to buy more plants to put in there.

I guess that’s my plan for the day once I eat. Clean my room and do some gardening. The front garden needs weeding desperately.

I wish I had a digital camera so I could post pictures of things.