I spent the last hour and a quarter in the basement cleaning up our bedroom. It looks much better now. When I came back upstairs, though, there was a massive dark cloud lurking on the western horizon. I can only hope that it brings thunder and lightning with it…. Oh how I hope.

Adam should be back from work in the next hour or so. We should probably go out and get groceries or something.

I’m really sincerely looking forward to this week. I probably shouldn’t be, maybe it makes me a non-good person, but I just can’t explain how much I’ve missed living without other people (Adam not included… that’s a different sort of living with than what I’m talking about.) Basically, I miss not feeling like I’m intruding and not feeling intruded on (my personal space has never been so tried as it has in this kitchen.)

I think I might install a shelf in the basement washroom for all the towels down there. Might make a few other adjustments too… much easier when not being overseen. Nothing major, of course… just things that will make less floor dumpage.

That dark cloud is getting more and more ominous. Sweet.