I slept awfully last night. It was way too hot and there was no air circulation. Had to sleep in Adam’s parents room because the dog peed on our bed last night during the thunder storm (he’s a wuss.)

I worked all day today, got back completely exhausted, and I just keep looking around at everything thinking about what needs to be cleaned. It’s like I never left work. I am a cleaning monster of doom. I am not, however, going to give in to the urge to clean. I will instead relax and watch some mindless television for a while.

Oh yeah, we got that thunderstorm last night. It knocked out the phone (voice) line in a very strange way – people can call in and it shows who’s calling on call display, but when you try to pick up all you hear is loud obnoxious static noise. No dialtone, either – just loud obnoxious static noise. Fortunately, we connect to the interweb on the fax line, which is still fine. They can’t send someone to fix it until Monday. Hope no one calls us in an emergency.

Tiredness taking over. I can’t even type straight anymore. Work again in the morning, so I’ll be going to bed early tonight. Yay! Sleep! That’s where I’m a viking!