I worked today, and again tomorrow. I got very very dirty today, cleaning a barbeque. I thought you weren’t supposed to clean bbq’s because it adds flavour… Oh well. I clean things. I don’t question whether or not they should be cleaned, I just clean them. The bbq cleaning had me covered in black muck, which made me feel grimy, so when I finished work I went for a short skinny-dip off the sauna dock at the lodge to help me feel better. Nothing like swimming naked in view of a highway… Oh, I was far enough away that they couldn’t see anything driving by.

Must finish that bbq tomorrow. And more swimming. Probably bring my suit this time…

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  • mishamish

    July 7, 2003 at 5:42 pm

    Oooh… DIRTY… nar-nar-nar… Kidding. Though I wouldn’t mind being around for the latter bit. *sigh*

    I probably need a life.