I got my postcards back, but I’m not entirely satisfied with them… must talk to them about it. Just little detail-y things, but hey. It’s all about the details. I don’t know if I’ll sell the ones I have here as they are.

Photo course is still going well, I’m having lots of fun. Longer than 12-hour days the past couple, but I’m enjoying it. Tomorrow should be a bit shorter. Today was the Temagami Fire Tower trip and an excursion to the Temagami Canoe Co. where they make Cedar-strip Canvas canoes by hand. Beautiful canoes, too… if I had endless cash, I tell you…

I’m too tired for real coherence at the moment. Instead, I give you broken half-thoughts.

Tomorrow we’re getting our first few rolls of film developed. Maybe I’ll scan some of them, if they look reasonable. Maybe not til the week’s over, though, I think I’ll be too tired to really do much of anything after getting home.

Tomorrow is a trip to High Rock. I like High Rock. I’ve been there many times, generally with a camera. Maybe I’ll see something different this time. Maybe I won’t just take another picture of this view…

I’m going to sleep now. G’nite.