Yadda yadda power outage. The town was super-neat last night at midnight. Mars was insanely bright. And there was much rejoicing. And naturally everyone’s pointing a finger at everyone else.

Currently we’re about to get a severe thunderstorm. I imagine the power will go out again. and there will be much rejoicing. It just thundered enough to shake the house. Maybe I should go offline or something.

However, before I go offline, I desperately need to vent.

When the news requests that you turn off air conditioners because they draw a lot of power, and you complain that you can’t possibly function well without your precious air conditioner, I will lose all respect for you as a person who cares about the world. It’s hypocritical to proclaim how you want to save the world and then decide it doesn’t matter if it inconveniences you. I’m sorry, but it’s the same as when they have water shortages and ask you to not water your lawn – those of you who keep watering a lawn in this condition because your lawn is special and if no one else is doing it because they’ve been told not to then your watering won’t make a difference… well chances are there are a few hundred more of you, or even more, and in my opinion you lack respect for those who actually care for the people around them, and you lack respect for anyone outside of your little personal bubble. As such, I lack respect for you.

It’s like the last straw. I really have to get out of this house before I do or say something permanently damaging. Especially since it won’t make a difference anyway. I will say nothing and do nothing and avoid the topic entirely. I just had to vent this now here.

Canoe trip starts in one week. I keep trying to convince suraklin to go, but he keeps saying no fucking way. Wuss. 😉


  • _devin_

    August 18, 2003 at 6:37 pm

    For one I am glad with your venting and anger. Not that anger alone is a good thing but it is a natural response to a perceived wrong and I for one feel there is many numerous wrongs that exist which challenge our livlihood and health as a people.

    I have always held unpopular beleifs and been shunned for them. Right now our society is completely divided and isolated. We are viewed as atomic units of consumption with the goal of enriching personal growth and wealth without regard to keeping tabs with the bigger picture. When a specific set of cells grows at a rapid rate without any constraint or care for their host enviroment we refer to this as a cancer.

    I hope you don’t avoid this topic entirely. Saying that you will “say nothing and do nothing and avoid the topic entirely” bears credence to the idea that we
    are truly fragmented and atomized. It would be such a more humane world if more of us were allowed and encouraged to make decisions based on the pubic good and not have to live in poverty for such choices. In our current state I don’t feel this is possible. This has been my rant and I stand by it. If anyone wants to comment or discuss this issue further feel free to contact me. Thanks. 🙂

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      August 19, 2003 at 7:50 pm

      Heh… I only say I’m going to avoid the topic because I already know that it’s absolutly pointless to try and argue it in this particular situation. I’ve seen three other people try this week, and it all fails miserably. Plus, I have to live here in this basement for another few weeks, and it would be simpler if I don’t make people hate me in the last few weeks I’m here. I’ll argue the point when I don’t have to live here.

      • _devin_

        August 19, 2003 at 8:08 pm

        I took the statement from a super general point of view…

        Oh I think I get it. There are people who you live with in your humble abode who don’t want to restrain themselves and conserve energy? I took your rant as a very philosophical and generalist statement about hypothetical classes of people. I failed to read and interpret “I really have to get out of this house” part. I took it meaning that you have to get away from people in general and not specific people in a specific house! 🙂 Oh why does my generalist philosphical mind betray me? Glad that you saw those three people try before you. Now I am curious from a soap opera point of view who the offenders are? Adams Parents? Either way its none of my buisness to be nosy and search of soap operas which don’t need my attention! Lets hope they DONT read this journal though! hahaah Take care and have fun canoing using the NATURAL energy of the river. 😉