Very tired. Worked late last night and tonight. Extra hours are useful, but I can’t work late the rest of the week – if I do, there will be no time for packing for the canoe trip. Canoe trip is important. Vital, even.

Staying in the cabin last night was really neat… nice and quiet, had to walk down a trail in the dark over roots to get to it, and the bed is basically the top loft of the cabin. Just a little place, but cozy.

Moving back to Toronto soon. Am anxious to get on with it, once the trip is done.

To tired to really say anything interesting.


  • sirreal13

    August 20, 2003 at 6:15 am

    Back to T.O.? Cool! I’m excited for you.

  • Anonymous

    August 22, 2003 at 10:35 pm

    that book which is out of print

    on january (late january) you posted about a book which i liked a lot when i was younger, about 11 years old, im now 24, it was called JENNIE by PAUL GALLICO. can I ask you to trace it up and read it, im from the UK (Onear london) , i love cats and that book has never made me cry so much in my life……. i NEVER cry, apart from when I read tha, book in fact even the Bible doesnt make me cry as much as that, that book is spectacular, you MUST READ IT.. honestly, no book makes me cry so much as that, when I read it im in floods of tears, and I HARDLY EVER CRY.. i dont know if you know what i Mean, the ending is soooo sad and it just made me cry for hours, at the time i was pretty emotional, but just thinking about the book like 13 years later made me weep, cos i was stroking cats all day and the book just brought it all back into my memories, memories which I had lost, i thought i had lost for ever and ever, im not sure if i wanted to remember those memories, but stroking the cats just triggered it.. sorry , please reply JEL

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      August 28, 2003 at 11:44 am

      Re: that book which is out of print

      It was called The Abandoned in north America. I read it when I was about fifteen or so. I agree, it’s definitely fantastic. I’ve been trying to find a copy of it for a few years – my Nanny has a copy that it took her years to find as well. I’m hoping I can find another sometime. I have a bookstore looking for it for me, but they haven’t had any luck yet… They’ve been looking for about 8 months for me.