I’m online from home on Adam’s computer using someone’s ex-girlfriend’s 10 hours of dialup. Let’s just say I can’t stay online too long.

Went to the orientation for work last night. The pit band was practicing while we had our tour. All ABBA all the time. I feel ambiguous. Work starts in earnest on Tuesday… I’ll be working every night til 11pm Tues-Saturday, then Sunday there’s a matinee. The only actual day off is Monday. But I don’t have to be at work until 6:30pm on days when there’s no matinee (there are only matinees on Wednesday & Saturday.) Oh yeah, and after 3 months I’m some branch of non-tech IATSE theatre. That’s just freaky and slightly evil.

Dayle and Sera seem happy that I’m home alone today. They’re hanging out with me wherever I go. I love my kitties. Adam’s at work and Ian’s out with his brother doing stuff. It’s kinda nice to have some time to myself. Maybe I’ll do my cards.

Oh yeah, and the ceiling in our bedroom leaks when it rains. Must move soon. Soooooooooon.

Okey. back to offline-boredness. Can’t go out today, not spending any more money this weekend if at all possible.