Yay Christmas!

They seemed to like their stockings. At least, they were pretty surprised, which was good.

My turkey was superyummy. And it wasn’t even a butterball this time. My garlic roasted potatoes made me very happy. My cookies were chewy and addictive. My pie was pieful. I am a fantastic cook. And modest, too!

Everyone seemed happy with the gifts we got them, which was good. Adam was happy with his – I was a bit worried about it, since I knew it was something he would never expect to get, but it turned out well.

I got a 12″ Kira from the Dark Crystal, which is really nice and detailed and such. Her hair is yellowish-green and she comes with fizgig – whose mouth, disappointingly, doesn’t open. I also got a subscription to Popular Photography & Imaging, which is good… I like that magazine.

Shawn brought over a PS2 Karaoke game – Karaoke Revolution, I think it’s called. It was strange. I still like normal karaoke better… this whole ‘no personalizing a song’ thing bugs me.

I’m happy with the day. Things went well, the food was good, people were happy. I was kinda glad in a way to see everyone leave… such a loud family, it’s hard for me to be used to it. The quiet when they all headed out was soothing. But still, it was great to have everyone here.