And now, due to no particular reason, are my work-related haikus. All written while I was guarding the wheelchair washroom, I might add.

Watch those wheelchairs come
Don’t you love these matinees?
Wednesdays are FUN!!!!!

Patrons scream and wail
“Why aren’t there elevators?”
‘Tis a lofty cry
(written with the assistance of my manager, Susan)

I’ll not let you through!
One who can handle the stairs
Whine all you like. Hah!

Washrooms, coat check, bar
Are downstairs, as you would know
Had you just listened!!!

However, it is now my weekend. I was falling asleep standing up at work today, which caused me to go straight home. We talked to Adam’s grandmother this morning – we were possibly supposed to be going over there tonight, but we’re not now. Maybe tomorrow. Although I want to go to the Renaissance Cafe tomorrow to see Cyn. I want my day off to not involve going up to Steeles and Bathurst, thank you very much. It turns out she’s not moving till May (holy lack of communication, batman) so we have time to go see if there’s anything at the house we’d like to take. We were told she was moving this week sometime. I was very confused. Anyhow, it’s so nice to just be relaxing at home tonight. And it’s so strange to be home before 11:45pm. And cooking dinner at dinnertime!!! Usually we don’t even get the chance to come home after work Sundays, so this is quite nice.