I’ve applied for a bunch of jobs over the past few weeks online. All I’ve established from this is that I am incapable of getting an interview via internet job sites. I’m actually convinced that the jobsites don’t help any… especially considering that the last six jobs I’ve had I got because someone knew someone who referred me directly or who already worked there.

I don’t even quite know yet if I should get a new job, anyhow. It all depends on a possible contract Adam might be getting… if he gets it, I should get a new job. If he doesn’t, then there’s no real reason for me to get a new job, since we won’t be staying here long enough for it to matter. Not sure when we’ll know, I’m hoping soonish – maybe this month or something. The company wants to give him the contract, that’s not the problem. They’re just securing funding right now, and they can’t bring him into the project until they have funding.

I just hate not knowing for sure.