Work tonight was… exciting. Exciting is never a good thing for work to be when you’re an usher, because it translates directly to ‘medical emergency.’

Anyhow, half-way through the second act tonight, a woman got up out of her seat on my floor and stumbled up the aisle, through the door, and into the lobby. She wasn’t coming up my aisle, but since I had the walkie talkie I followed her and the other usher helping her. She fainted just outside the house doors, in the lobby. There was much turmoil and medical excitement, an ambulance was called (and this time it arrived within two minutes) and took her away, and the night went very quickly. Poor girl, I felt really bad for her. She was very pale and very very embarassed.

The double day was otherwise uneventful, and very very long.

Adam’s sick. The theatres are destroying us. I was sick for a month and a half, now he’s over-exhausted and stressed out and all sorts of things. And Dayle is becoming more and more of an Asshole. Nearly too much to deal with sometimes. Last night he yowled all night and then threw up in every room in the apartment. Then he yowled first thing in the morning, hours before we had to wake up. It’s hard not to hate him when he’s like that…