Work today was uneventful. The cast had a meeting between shows in the lounge downstairs. I was on Coat check in the lounge downstairs, and the cast didn’t wait until the patrons had left, which meant the patrons who were down there using the washrooms and such started freaking out and asking for autographs and so on. I had to chase them out. Silly patrons. The Cast of Mamma Mia just isn’t that exciting. Well, maybe not to me… I do see the show eight times a week, after all. I suppose if I’d only seen it the once. Maybe. I don’t know. I don’t get the whole famous people worshipping thing. I’ve met the members of three of my all-time favourite bands on more than one occasion, and I never had much to say to them, and I didn’t really want/need their autographs. They were very nice people to talk to, but that’s about it. A lot of non-famous people are quite nice to talk to also. It’s no different in my head, and generally I don’t want to talk to anyone anyhow. I’m just anti-social.

The second show was entirely uneventful. Double days do wear you out, though. I just finished playing some gunbound, but the server’s going down for yet another update. Maybe this one will fix things… maybe I will see my shots land again, and Adam won’t get that Data has moved crash. Wouldn’t that be something?